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Bill DeWees
Bill DeWees
With over 10,000 recorded voice over projects to his name, Bill DeWees is the trusted voice of the world’s most trusted brands. On top of this, he was recently voted the "Number 1 Trusted Voice Over Coach" by His genuine and authentic style can be heard on projects for Chevrolet, Disney, Walmart, American Express, FOX, Warner Brothers, Google, The PGA Tour, and many other clients.
Noelle Romano
Noelle R Boothie
Noelle offers a modern, conversational delivery on even the most technical copy. She can be heard on AT&T’s phone system, in microlearnings for Volvo, federal employee trainings for the National Gallery of Art and the National Archives in Washington, D.C., as well as explainer videos, commercials, and various additional content.
Mike Stoudt
mikeSTOUDT biz2
Mike Stoudt is your friendly neighbor with the best dog and hot wife, and is most likely to throw the party. Odds are, between Warby Parker, Sour Patch Kids, Talking Dead promos (& others), you've probably heard him. He's an actor too, so you might have seen him (if, that is, you pay attention to actors who are on-screen for less than 5 seconds). When not in the booth, he's usually in his Jeep Wrangler enjoying the top down.
Todd Haskell
Todd Haskell Headshot
A Voice Over veteran, Todd Haskell has recorded thousands of projects, including commercials, and all kinds of medical, corporate, and educational narrations. If you’re needing a prompt, reliable, and friendly voice talent for your next project, contact today.
Kimberly Young
Kimberly_Young 3_Cropped
Hi, I'm Kimberly! I have recorded hundreds of projects with companies around the world, specializing in healthcare, senior care, cancer care, meditation, finance, insurance, technical and political genres. I have a lower voice that lends well to a kind, confident and sophisticated demeanor, building trust, warmth and reliability with your listener.


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